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Time Magazine Interview "Got Geese? Call the Geesebusters!"
GEICO Insurance
Part 1
   "Geico Insurance Company located in Woodbury, N.Y. has been over run with geese for years.   We've tried chemical deterrent Windsock's, Spinning dogs cutout, etc.   They all worked for a while, then the geese became used to all these concepts.   I received a call from Geesebusters in the Spring of 2008.   Rob explained his technique and it sounded interesting.   We started a 2 week clean-out in April (nesting period).   This worked out fine.   We have added several clean-out packages due to the years of geese being around.   Now it is August and I'm very pleased with the results.   I would recommend Geesebusters to to anyone with geese over running their property."

Jeff Winser
Administrative Engineer
Part 2
   "Geico continued to hiring Geesebusters in 2009, as Geesebusters reduced nesting geese around the property from 18 nest down to 8 nests.   A few more clean-outs were needed.   We continued in 2010 with 3 nests and a few more "on calls".   Geese are very stubborn creatures but Geesebusters are discouraging them from nesting by their technique and persistence.   We have saved on lawn clean ups and sweeping sidewalks, reduced workman's comp, claims etc.   You are always going to have a few fly onto your lawn for something to eat, but the bottom line is when they have taken over your property by 50 - 100 geese day and night to a few 2-3 stopping in the evening to nibble on the green grass and away from the building and associates, you realize what a good job Geesebusters has done."

Jeff Winser
Administrative Engineer
Part 3
   "In 2011 Geesebusters has reduced nesting to only 1 nest and produced 2 eggs.   Geesebusters continued being aggressive with his procedures, but it is new geese we feel that are trying to get on our property.   We continue to use his services less frequent due to scarce amount of new geese flying onto the property.   If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to speak to me."

Jeff Winser
Administrative Engineer
St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School
   "We have been using Geesebuster's for about 5 years.   When we first saw a video of the service, we didn't believe it would work.   Being very close to the Great South Bay, we attract a lot of geese, which were ruining our field.   We had tried a range of remedies, including multiple dog services without success!   When Rob came and did his original clean-out, the results were amazing.   The geese flew away and stayed away.   We've had a few follow-up visits and are very pleased with the results.   We even were able to reduce the cost of what we had been spending on geese control, Rob stays in contact with us and really cares that his service works!   We would recommend Geesebuster's to any facility that has a geese problem.   It is a humane and cost-effective way to keep your field clear."

St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School
West Islip, N.Y.
Green-Wood Historic Cemetery
   "We would like to commend Geesebusters for the fine job and great service we have had in ridding the cemetery of geese.   Green-Wood is a Victorian Cemetery established in 1838 and its 478 acres makes it the largest cemetery in the NYC area.   We have been plagues by the large number of geese for the last couple of decades.   Thanks to your patented system we are 100% free of Canadian geese."

Kenneth A. Taylor
Vice President - Operations
Rockville Cemetery, Inc.
   "We are very please with the results from the purchase of the products sold by Geesebusters.   We have tried other means to rid our premises of geese but no avail.   Geesebusters actually works!   Plus the service provided by Rob has been nothing short of amassing!   I would and have recommend his product and services to anyone in need."

Mr. Robert Guerriero President & Treasure
Lynbrook, N.Y.
Comsewogue School District
   "It is my pleasure to recommend to you the service of Rob Guadagna and Geesebusters.   Rob, his partners and his system are second to none.   Rob's method is safe, effective and even entertaining if you happen to be around when he introduces his eagle to the geese and you see them scatter.   Geesebusters is great, the results we have had enjoyed speak for themselves."

Montgomery J. Granger
District Administrator for Operations
Plainedge Public Schools
   "Geesebusters has been servicing the Plainedge Public School District and we no longer have problems with geese on our fields.   The geese are whistle trained.   If a pair happen to land we just blow the whistle and they fly away.   This does not happen often.   It is a very unique service that works better then others I have tried.   In my opinion it is the best service of its kind."

Mario Graziano
Supervisor of Operations
F & W Schmitt Brothers Farm
   "Thanks to Rob and Geesebusters he's saved my corn field and other crops from geese"

Ferdie Schmitt
Melville, N.Y.
Meyer's Plant & Produce Farms
   "I can't say enough about Geesebusters, when they say they will fix the problem they fix the problem period.   We tried so many way ourselves but, they were only short term.   Geesebusters came in quietly and left quietly with no damage.   They don't use any dogs or equipment that makes any loud noise, it's like they aren't even there.   Geesebusters helped us out in the height of our growing season here at the farm.   When you have the largest track of land in the town that grows corn the geese seem to find it very fast.   If Geesebusters worked for me and the ¼ million ears of sweet corn, I think that they'll work for anybody."

Pete Meyer
Farm Manager
Woodbury, L.I. N.Y.

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