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Problems Created by Birds ...
Geese Have No Fear of Humans:
  In our opinion, the reason is the human handling of geese taking place every year.   By picking up the bird, putting a band on its leg or a neck sleeve, then releasing them, geese will now develop a "no fear" towards humans.   Unfortunately, this is being done to thousands of geese across the country every year during the molting season (June - August).   The most aggressive and stubborn geese we come across in our field work, are geese that have been banded (very aggressive with no fear).   Other practices used, is capturing geese (molting season), transporting them to a location outside a city, and then releasing them.   Allowing feeding in public parks, these "expert wildlife biologist" are turning geese into "white ducks" and creating this huge problem.

  Geesebusters can track geese without handling the bird.   In different locations we can use different sound frequency to condition geese, this makes the birds easy to track and keeps the humane fear in the birds   we always condition geese with sound and visual which makes our method more effective, humane and low cost.
Lakes and Beaches Closed Due to Bird Droppings (Bacteria):
  Beaches, Lakes and other public areas where geese congregate have been littered with accumulated goose feces.   The bacteria from droppings in the water and on the beach, forces these closures due to this contamination.   Thousands and thousands of lost revenue is contributed to this problem every year.

  Geesebusters eliminates this problem as the natural fear of an eagle flies over the water and beach keeping you free of geese, seagulls and droppings.
Damage to Roofs by Geese and Seagull Droppings:
  Geese and seagulls create problems on rooftops where birds sometimes nest in the spring.   The roof supplies the birds with fresh drinking water where puddles form after a rain and protection from years of Border collie services.   The dogs chase geese on rooftops for safety, and this causes a concern.   Bird droppings are very acidic in nature.   They actually eat away at many substrates, especially tar-based roofing materials.   Droppings which are allowed to accumulate on roofs will clog drains and eat into the material, eventually causing leaks.   The life expectancy of a warehouse roof can be cut in half by bird droppings.

  Geesebusters eliminates this problem as the eagle flies above the rooftop making the birds a target!   This will prevent any future nesting or sleeping habits.   This will save the property owner thousands in roof repairs.
Concerts and Sporting Events
  Seagulls and pigeons are problems because of a huge food source.   When 10,000 -- 100,000 people show up in one place, birds know that it's time to eat.   For example, when it gets late in a game (baseball, football, soccer), seagulls begin to circle around a stadium looking for food and sometimes delaying the game by landing on the field.   Fans enjoying the game are interrupted as they begin to get hit with bird droppings and are forced to leave their seats.   This is very annoying and also a loss in revenue for the stadium.

  Geesebusters "animal scaring device" eradicates this problem immediately.   Using one or two "animal scaring devices" in the parking lots, birds will fly away leaving their food source behind.   Games will never be delayed and fans will finally enjoy the rest of the game.
Farming & Agriculture (Crop Damage)
  Farmers have experienced a loss of income due to crop damage with birds and a health issue related to droppings.   Of all the wildlife that growers have to contend with, birds rank as one of the most devastating!   Each year about 10 percent of a crop fields may be lost to bird depredation.   Birds of many species congregate at dairies and feedlots, especially during winter months.   Those most frequently associated with bird damage at dairies are starlings, pigeons, sparrows, grackles, cowbirds, and vultures.   Birds consume and contaminate livestock feed with dual impact, reducing milk production and increasing feed and medical costs.   For example, 10,000 starlings can eat about 36-40 pounds of feed per day.   Because birds concentrate on the high protein portion of dairy cow feed, they deprive cows of proper nutrition, resulting in decreased milk production.   Additionally, bird droppings in feed and water can transmit harmful diseases and reduce feed consumption.   Geese have been invading corn, wheat and other crops, causing farmers loss income and the unnecessary time to always reseed.

  Geesebusters eliminates this problem as the eagle circles over the farm and fields cutting the food source of the birds and moving them completely out of an area.

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