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Geesebusters provides two options:
Service Provided ...
For a 1-3 week intense conditioning period Geesebusters technicians will fly the "animal scaring device" as necessary over a targeted area at different times of the day (sunrise to sunset) and will remove geese or any other problem birds from your site. This closes the door and cut their food source and any nesting habits*. Geesebusters will also whistle train ( see video ) your problem birds. Afterwards, Geesebusters will be on an on-call basis. The birds natural fear will be exploited and a dramatic decrease in service will be required. *(nesting season for the first year may require more service)
Purchasing Our Method ...
We may sell our "animal scaring device" and provide training for the purchaser in the operation of our patented (US 7,669,801 & US 7,128,296) & *(Canadian Patent 2,500,474)*,bird method.

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