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There's a natural reason for the birds to stay away ...

Geesebusters New Technology
   In 2003 we designed an "animal scaring device" configured as a predatory bird.    Using a natural-like predator, such as a three-dimensional eagle, the device will turn in a "prey seeking" circular motion.    Canadian geese, seagulls or other problem birds recognize the predator as real, and immediately flee the target area.    After a little conditioning, all nuisance birds will avoid the area, seeking safer grounds.    What ever bird you want out, you target.    It's that simple, our method exploits the bird's natural fear of an aerial predator and this inborn fear will cause the birds to leave permanently.    Our patented method (US 7,669,801 & US 7,128,296) & (Canadian Patent 2,500,474 ), is the most effective, humane method of scaring birds from any size property.    Unlike our competitors that only chase geese from one place to another, we condition your geese (see video link).    Our "animal scaring device" is the top of the food chain in the bird world and in our opinion and other's is the silver bullet.    This artificial predator can find a home in any urban area, airport, park, school, golf course and move out all your nuisance birds.    Our scientific and patented method overrides any bird deterrent that's out there today.    We invite you to view the content on our website and we're sure you will be convinced that when you have a bird problem, the only correct solution is to call Geesebusters.

No other methods are needed to be used with our patented "animal scaring device".

There's no liability and we guarantee immediate results.

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